Natural Childcare

We pride ourselves on delivering a high level of early years childcare and education to all our children, which will be key in the development of knowledge, and future attitudes to learning. Through showing praise, recognition, respect and reward we encourage each child to flourish and develop as a happy confident person. By making a child feel safe and secure, loved and cared for we create the right atmosphere for a child to develop positive dispositions to all aspects of life. Our aim is that children develop a real passion for learning and exploring and develop into active learner and independent thinkers. 

We believe each child has the right to reach for their dreams without fears and inhibitions and to strongly believe in themselves to reach far and beyond while being happy and content.

In addition, children will be learning and familiar with a second language without the pressure of a classroom environment as all the adults will be talking in Spanish and English, that means the kids hear the same word in both languages.