We offer child specific stimulating activities in a one to one situation as well as group scenario.

We provide a variety of activities, which involve children of all ages.

  • Singing and rhyming, wonderful for language, memory practice and a happy soul
  • Art and crafts sessions, developing the creativity and having contact with different textures
  • Music and movement sessions, learning and exploring body, mind and soul
  • Reading picture books
  • IT, Computer, Ipad, printing, learning to take turns, developing IT skills
  • Cookery, learning about measurements, different ingredients, etc
  • Gardening, in contact with nature, learning to look after plants, and growing vegetables.
  • Gymnastics at the garden, working on balance, coordination, great for physical development, fresh air
  • Messy play, with flour, sand, water, paint, play dough

In our weekly activities plan we are working through the guidelines of the Early Years Foundation stage and early learning goals as:

As an example:

Learning Intentions

Personal, Social, Emotional Development

Physical Development

Communication and Language


Beginning to negotiate and
problem solve without

Holds pencil between thumb
and first two fingers.

Joins in with repeated refrains and anticipates key events and phrases in rhymes and stories.




Understanding the World

Expressive Arts & Design


Shows awareness of rhyme and alliteration.

Orders and sequences
familiar events.

Remembers and talks about
significant events in their
own experience.

Plays alongside other
children who are engaged in
the same theme.


 In addition we have, at least, two excursions a month, where the kids can find new places to run, play and learn, as Kew gardens, Wet Land Center, Richmond Park, Battersea Park, Science Museum, …

Nutritious meals

At Happy Beans we know that a varied, balanced diet is essential to every child’s development and active participation.  Our approach to meal times ensures any child’s eating habits are developed with patience, understanding and encouragement.

We prepare fresh and healthy meals every day so that children’s body and mind can develop to their full potential.

Depending on the session attended children will enjoy a morning snack and lunch or afternoon snack and tea.Drinking water is available throughout the day. 


Seasonal Products Prepared On Site

We use fresh products which enable us to avoid the use of salt, pepper, colouring, artificial flavours and additives. 

As we believe that the organic products are healthier we have a weekly delivery from Riverford organic farm.

We are also able to accommodate special dietary needs such as nut allergies and dairy or wheat intolerance.  Your child’s Key Person will always be available to talk to you to ensure that your child’s dietary requirements are being met.