Our setting

Our setting benefits from three well resourced rooms and a large garden offering varied activities based on the guidelines of the Early Years Foundation stage and early learning goals. 

Outside 200 m2

During the free play time outside children can jump on the trampoline, have fun on the slide and laugh on the swing.

Our activities benefit of the outdoor area as we use it for the gymnastic activities, gardening, sand and water play and outdoor play.

Inside 90+60+50 m2

We have three separate rooms. The first room is the space for relaxing and sleeping that most of the young children need. The second room is the eating/playing and activities such as puzzles, construction play, role play area, reading and small world toys The third room is for the area for messy play as such as painting, experimenting with different textures and designs, gluing and sticking, and play dough, etc.