More about Happy Beans

We believe that a structured day that offers the right balance of planned educational and physical activities, as well as lots of opportunity of creative and imaginative play, forms the key to truly outstanding, natural and inspiring childcare.

We hope this website will answer most of your questions and we look forward to welcoming you at our homely setting!

  • Full day childcare for children aged 3 months to 11 years 
  • Flexible, consistent, uninterrupted care in a safe and secure home environment
  • Activities preparing for pre-schools, nursery 
  • All inclusive fees, making your life easier
  • Our large garden (200 m2) offers extensive opportunity for outdoor play
  • Bilingual environment of either Spanish, German or Arabic
  • A variety of age specific activities and excursions
  • Child centered approach using Key person system, recording progress in form of a learning journey
  • Praise, reward and recognition to develop self confidence and flourish to highest potential
  • Freshly prepared  meals with organic ingredients

Ofsted registered and graded ‘OUTSTANDING’ in 2011 (EY421126)

A second language - a wonderful gift to your child

“I grew up in a single language family and always found language learning difficult” says a Spanish mother who lives with her family in London. “It´s amazing! If you give your kids the chance to listen and use two languages they just do it! It’s as natural as learning how to walk, now my 4 and 6 years old kids switch between two languages when looking at different people. They are blessed with bilingual brains! Plus in secondary school they have to learn Spanish, and they already know it!”

To arrange a visit, call us on T: 07521724913, 07712812711